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Hoops is a location-based professional social networking application, which automatically groups people by their locations, interests, and backgrounds intelligently and allows communication and collaboration wherever they are.

It is very simple to start

  • Confirm Your Mobile Phone Number
  • Connect Your LinkedIn Account
  • Start to Use

Hoops automatically assigns you a local group wherever you go!

No matter indoor or outdoor, Hoops finds your location intelligently!

With the help of IoT devices network Hoops can find your floor and room too!

Meet with the people around you! Ask, Collaborate, Help, Enjoy...

  • No request!
  • No contact list!
  • No Search!
  • No Admin!

Check Profiles!

Explore who is around you, check their profiles and learn what they do? Find the people who has same interests and similar backgrounds as you. All real people with their real identity!

Questions, announcements, and whatever you want!

Post your questions, announcements, and whatever you want. Read and learn what people are talking about. Be a part of your hyper local community!

Get in touch with the right person just in minutes!

Connect and help people!

Need an expert!

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About Us

We are an early stage startup. Our team members are alumni and current students from University of Minnesota majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Our goal is connecting people who live in the same vicinity for creating successful professional networks.

Our customers are convention and conference centers, universities, co-working spaces, coffee shops, and other places where people meet for events, business or just for fun.

We are open for investment offers!

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Download iOS & Android applications, connect your LinkedIn profile, and start to use Hoops.

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